The Vision

Hair construction is the result of collaboration and friendship of the 3 founders Rikke Jensen, Palle Frese, and Jan Lauritsen. 

The Vision behind the hair construction concept is based on a firm believe that education, colaberation, quality, and innovation are the four pillars of success for us, our partners, our staff and last but not least our clients.


Being one of the industry leaders in advanced education makes it only natural for us to place education at the core of our business, we build the technical skills of all our employees from day one and recognise the value of having a strong common education culture and skill level that establishes a bench mark for what our clients can expect from a hair construction hairdresser.


The vision of creating a group of salons who work together towards a common goal was also a given, we knew that in order to maintain the high level of internal staff education , and salon services that we wanted to bring to the industry, we would need to be a large entity and not just a one salon company.
  By being a larger group of salons and even stretching beyond national borders we could share recourses such as marketing, education, and administration making them available to all the salons in our group at an affordable price. We also acknowledged the huge benefit that naturally occurs when a large group of people who share common visions, passions, and goals get together and start sharing experience and ideas.


The vision of providing our clients with the highest level of quality in every aspect of their visit in our salons and even in between visits was in the forefront of our minds when we set out to create our salon concept. Using the best brands in the salon was always a must whether it be the professional products that we use Color, shampoo, treatments ,styling products ore be it the coffee and tea we serve we have always insisted on only using the best. Our pricing system was designed with quality in mind, we knew that if we were to attract the best hairdressers in the industry we would need a price system that could honour and reward the individual hairdresser for their experience and skill. We want to provide our clients with fantastic looks and styles, but it is equally important for us to give great service to our clients it is our way of showing you how much we appreciate you choosing us.
  We believe that serving is a honour and a privilege so by investing in service training for all our staff we give them the tools needed to extend our gratitude to our clients.


The opportunity to be innovators within our industry and providing our clients with new and inspiring ideas and guidance for their personnel styling and grooming needs is what forever drives us forward . we will continue to strive to towards being the most innovative company in all aspects off what we do , and to remain the leaders off our industry . we have never been afraid of sharing our ideas we believe that by sharing our ideas we get even more back and to this day we still believe the following to be true.

Often copied, rarely equalled, never surpassed.

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