The Story

Part 1

Hair construction is the result of collaboration and friendship of the 3 founders Rikke Jensen,palle frese,and jan lauritsen.

The paths of palle frese & jan lauritsen first crossed in 1994 when they were both working in the US as freelance educators. the two ended up doing several major shows together ,and a close friendship developed between the two ,however they both had their separate companies and joining forces was not in the cards in the early years of their relationship.

Palle frese was together with his wife jane running a salon and advanced training academy from their base in Kolding. By the time palle frese and jan lauritsen meet , Palle had already established himself and his hair construction academy as one of Europe’s most innovative and sought after education concepts with academies across Scandinavia and a yearly tour schedule that included most major cities in Europe.

Part 2

jan lauritsen was in the midst of taking over the family business together with his cousin Thomas lauritsen .the family business was now in its third generation jan & Thomas were preceded by their grandfather Carl lauritsen the founder of the business and their respective farthers the brothers kaj & peter. The kaj &peter hair company was founded in 1941 making it the oldest hairdressing company in Denmark and though their education dimension dwarfed compared to that of hair construction they were a very successful education company in their own right.

Rikke Jensen came in to the picture in 1996 when she moved from her home town in jylland to Copenhagen and took employment in one of the kaj & peter salons.
  She quickly Established herself as a very gifted hairdresser with a gift for education and a strong feel for style and fashion these qualities propelled her to the very top of the Kaj & peter education team and shows,tv,and fashion styling became a large part of her every day work.

Part 3

Faith would have it that the Kaj & peter education team completely crumbled only weeks before launching their first attempt at starting a permanent academy in Copenhagen and for a time the idea of doing advanced training seminars from a permanent location was abandoned.

In 2001 Rikke, Palle & Jan were hired as a team to do a one month education and show tour of Australia together. during this tour their relationship grew tighter and from it came the birth of the Hair construction Copenhagen academy witch was run out of the KAJ&PETER salon on Østerbrogade. Another spawn of the month long tour down under was however the idea of a salon concept and though it was not financially realistic nor an undertaking that any of the 3 looked upon as an easy job ;the idea kept popping up when ever the 3 were together. many nights became early mornings discussing the dream of creating a unique salon concept the likes of witch had never been seen in Denmark..

Part 4

In the fall of 2003 after a doing a show together in Copenhagen the 3 looked at a location on Vesterbro that had been for sale for a few months ,well aware that the location was way beyond what they could afford and that the space was 5-6 times bigger than that a normal salon would require they decided to view the space out curiosity rather than a realistic expectation of setting up shop there.
  What started out as a quick look however turned out to be love at first sight and resulted in the 3 investing every last penny they owned in turning the space into the flagship salon it is today. in the spring of 2004 the hair construction TNG (The Next Generation) opened its doors to the public and as they say the rest is history.
In writing this the year is 2009 and what started out as a brainchild of to many VB (Victoria Bitter) and late night barbeques in a country on the other side of the world is now a concept containing 7 salons ,five in Denmark and two in Melbourne Australia ,employing close to a hundred people ,in addition to this the hair construction academy is now represented far beyond Scandinavia with permanent academies in Australia ,united states, and Italy providing advanced education to more than 50,000 hairdressers a year.

Part 5

This leads us to ask the question is that it then are you 3 done ? In order to answer this question we are forced to steal a quote from one of the greatest men of our time( sir Winston Churchill)



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