The Concept

The hair construction concept was created with the following parameters in mind, The highest level of craftsmanship, quality and value for money, knowledge, and wellness


The hair construction concept is based on the Scandinavian tradition of education being The Foundation of progress and success. We educate our staff in all the aspects of our field, be it technical cutting & colouring skills ore be it fashion interpretation and client service. Our education system is our core and allows us to enforce and maintain a level of craftsmanship unrivalled in the industry ,the fact that our education system is being used every day by thousands of hairdressers around the world only confirms our believe that we are on the right track. Being an hair construction hairdresser means committing to a lifestyle ,not just a job we expect the people who join our company to share our passion for fashion and our commitment to serve our clients with heart and sole.


Value for Money

The pricing system we operate with is a central part of our concept . We want our salons to be financially accessible to all who want outstanding quality and value for money. We also acknowledge that in order to attract the best and most experienced hairdressers in the industry we need to provide a financial model that can support rewarding their years of experience , and whilst the multi price system can appear strange at first glance ,most can agree that that a hairdresser with 10 years of experience deserves a better salary than someone with 10 weeks experience.


We want the time spent with us to be about more than getting a cool haircut. When you visit our salons we wish your experience to be one where you feel pampered, as well as updated and informed about current trends and product developments relevant to you and your hair. Our involvement and close ties with the media, the music scene, and the fashion industry, give us a unique insight into where fashion and trends are going in the years ahead and this means that our clients can rest assured that their hairdresser is up to speed on fashion developments not only domestically but at the international level.
  A hair construction hair dresser spends a minimum of 100 hours a year being updated on product developments and hair cutting/styling techniques the information we acquire is passed on to you our client giving you the information needed to chose the right style and styling products for your hair.

Wellness and Ambience

We strive to create a friendly and relaxed ambience in our salons that allows you to unwind and feel at home, assured that your hair couldn’t be in more capable hands we hope you will see your visit with us as a break from the your busy life ,where you can lean back and relax ,enjoying great coffee glass of wine ore another of the beverages we offer accompanied by the latest fashion and gossip magazines the settings for a time out should be in place. The décor of especially our ELITE salons with their massage chairs in the washing area and spacious seating design are created with comfort and aesthetics in mind ,creating an environment that promotes wellness and peace of mind. So in short chill out and relax without a care and let us fix your hair.

A visit with us should be like Chicken soup for the soul.

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